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Castiel - I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition

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Localisation : Somewhere between two flutters of wings
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Lost Fallen Angel
Sam 18 Juil - 22:49
« This is a den of iniquity, I should not be here. »

Name : Castiel
Age : Very, very old.
Date of birth : Some time between the Big Bang and the first instances of life on Earth. Although September 18th is a date that’s very close to his heart in a similar manner.
Group : Angels of the Lord
Race : Angel
Orientation :  Mostly indifferent to all of it. So let’s say grey-ace.
Model : Misha Collins

Particular physical signs : Aside from the fact that Castiel only owns one outfit - the one his vessel was wearing when he accepted the angel’s presence - there isn’t much out of the ordinary. However, when a surge of angelic power takes over him, his eyes shine with a white, bluish light and the shadow of his unperceivable wings projects behind him.

Prized possessions : As an angel, Castiel isn’t attached to many physical objects. There is something to be said, however, about how he rarely ever takes off his trenchcoat. He also always carries his blade, a powerful weapon that can slay most demons, angels and creatures save for a few exceptions. When he took over Jimmy Novak’s body, he kept the devout man’s wedding band safely tucked between the inner seams of his left coat pocket, but gave it back to Jimmy’s daughter, Claire, when he was given the chance to.

Nicknames : The nickname that’s mostly given to him, which was initiated by Dean, is “Cas”, a shortened version of his name. Dean has also called him “Mr. Comatose” in reference to the single time he got drunk. He’s also been called “Angel” by Crowley and “Clarence” by Meg.

Personality : Castiel is strong, determined, impulsive, competitive but also innocent and naïve. Like most angels, he expresses little emotion which can be seen as a flaw, but also gives him complexity. However, he doesn’t display the same apathy or mocking superiority as some of his brothers and sisters. He greatly lacks knowledge about some typical social human behaviors such as sarcasm and it has gotten him into trouble in the past. His friendship with the Winchesters has taught him to tune into his kindness, his care and his selflessness.
Unlike some of his siblings, he still has faith in his Father and despite having been disappointed by God’s lack of involvement, he still tries to do good in his eyes. He’s admired his Father’s work on Earth and has a deep respect for all of his creations, often finding himself touched and enchanted by displays of humanity or the beauty of nature. He’s also very knowledgeable about most things that aren’t pop culture and is a brilliant strategist when it comes to battle or luring enemies.
His behavior sometimes falls into the autistic spectrum. He has little conscience of a social filter and will sometimes get completely lost in thought or focus too intensely on something for it to be normal or appropriate. Still, he’s driven and focused when it comes to fulfilling his self-appointed duty as Sam and Dean’s guardian angel.

What he likes: Hamburgers, nature, deepening his knowledge of human ways. Throughout history, he’s also developed a taste for classical music and literature, especially from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as the baroque current. He’s also quite fond of fairy tales.
What he dislikes:  There isn’t much the angel doesn’t like but there are things he just doesn’t understand. He has a lot of trouble with hateful human emotions and behaviors that stem from ignorance and intolerance, such as racism, sexism and homophobia. All of God’s creations are equal in his eyes.


  • “You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of Hell, I can throw you back in.”
  • “This isn’t funny, Dean! The voice says I’m almost out of minutes”
  • “I don’t understand that reference.”
  • “I found a liquor store. And I drank it.”
  • “Hey, Assbutt!”
  • “My ‘people skills’ are ‘rusty’.”
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ft. : Felicity Jones
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Abigail Stainfield
Poor Little Hunter
Mar 11 Aoû - 18:11
Je t'aime.
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Castiel - I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition
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