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Holy water cannot help you now

ft. : Heath Ledger/Charlize Theron
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Date d'inscription : 21/09/2016
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Black Horseman of the Apocalypse
Mer 21 Sep - 18:30

Revelation 6:5 « And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third Beast saying, “Come”, and behold, a black horse […]»

Come. Come to me kneeling, come to me crawling, despaired and ravenous. Because your starvation knows no limits, and neither does mine. Because you’d do anything to feel fulfilled, to feel whole and sated, to fill the void that’s digging deep into your guts, deep into your already limitless emptiness. It’s never enough, I know, my darlings, I know the deafening pain of your hollowed hearts.

« You’re all still starving because hunger doesn’t just come from the body, it also comes from the soul. »

Your souls. Your beautiful, broken, exquisite souls. Your fears, your joys, your hopes and shattered dreams. They grow heavy and grievous, don’t they? Don’t you wish you could rid yourself from the burden of the empty shell you’ve become after having tried so hard to be something you’re not? Let me help. Let me cradle them in my hands, let me whisper softly to them. Let me devour your anguish and wash it down with a sip of wine. Let me make something powerful and terrifying out of your insignifiant sacrifice. Let me save you the way you deserve to be saved.

I promise you, you’ll never feel the cold bite of desolation again. You’ll never feel like the waste of flesh and bone you are again. All that’ll be left is the warm embrace of my lips against your whole being and the certainty of having finally found a purpose after years, decades of nothingness.

Why this gift, you may ask?

Because I’m always hungry. And nothing else will do.

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ft. : Felicity Jones
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Abigail Stainfield
Poor Little Hunter
Mer 21 Sep - 20:54

GENRE. Je vais de ce pas arrêter de RP en anglais parce qu'à côté de toi (et Zeo) j'fais câlissement AUCUN SENS. C'EST SI BÔ, SI POUÉTIQUE!



I know a lot. But I didn't see anything.
Passé composé d’une épopée démesurée, Délurée incendiée même oubliée, Futur de quelques murmures, Écriture nocturne d’une aventure Aux allures obscures.
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Holy water cannot help you now
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